Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Day


Love, what does it truly mean? When you love somebody does it mean that you sacrifice everything for that person? Are you supposed to give your life and soul to that person? Should you forgive anything that person does that goes against everything that you believe in and stand for? Do you give up any of your beliefs for the person you love? Do you devote your life and all your efforts to make the person you love happy? Is there a middle ground to love that you can step into, where both of you give up something of yourselves to prove the love you have for each other? If so, what part of your character do you give up? Do you give up that part of your character that makes you who you are? Is there a part of your character you can give up that will not change who you are and would you really want to give that part of yourself up? When you tell somebody that you love them what are you really trying to say? Do you understand the exact meaning of what you are saying? Do you realize love is not just an emotion that comes and goes, in fact it is not entirely an emotion, love does not come from the heart, it comes from the mind. Love is an understanding, an awareness of just who that person is, an acceptance of that person for what he or she stands for, for what he or she believes in. When you tell somebody that you love them what you are really saying is that there is not one part of his or her being that you can live without and you would never ask them to compromise any part of that being. You are saying I respect everything about you, I am conscious of who you are, what you believe in and what you want. When you say I love you, you are saying that you trust that person explicitly, and you expect nothing in return for the love that you have giving freely, except respect for those feelings. 

The importance of Love?

Love is absolutely essential for us to have a happy life. It is certainly that way for us. Love is but a necessity. Love is a need for appreciation, satisfaction and self- confidence. It is not a goal as it is a long term matter. If anyone loves you for a days and leaves, then what? Will you be pleased that have achieved a goal? Certainly, when the world is too much with us, having the refuge of a loved one’s arms and heart are the greatest of consolations and a source to recharge our fortitude to face again life’s adversities. We cannot simply go it alone for, the heart is the lonely hunter of the heart.

Advantage having a Love

Love is a very beautiful feeling; it makes one feel on top of this earth and makes them feel important. As if they are special and all these feelings make them happy and they do things in a very cheerful and nice mood.

Disadvantage of having a love?

When you are attached with someone so much that you decide to spend your life with that person and for some reason things do not work out, then there is a huge disappoint and you move away from that person and things get worse, and it takes a lot of time for them to recover and get over it.

Love cannot be described in words, is a very different and beautiful feelings which is so pure and real. This is something which one feels when they like someone, but this liking is different from the liking of a normal friend, you feel like you cannot live your life without that other person and you want to be that person forever. When you are with them the times vanishes away like never before, you start giving that person a different place and value in your life. But there are many advantages and disadvantages of love.


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