Sunday, February 19, 2012

Make your memories count

You know what? Not everything in this world is going to be easy. What would be the point if it was we just have to go and fight and show the world who is boss. The years pass by quickly, but not as quick as months, days, and hours. Make each moment precious. Make every memory that you create be a memory worth remembering. A memory that makes you laugh once you remember and you whisper to yourself. “Good times Good times.” Knowing that you spent those days well. Not regretting your choices. Stop to try to think on the ‘what ifs’ you made your choice and you are where you are. Just keep going forward and live your life. Once again I say “EVERYTHING IN LIFE HAPPENS FOR A REASON” Just keep going.
Don’t really regret most of the choices that you had control over. Just keep living and have fun! It is your life and you know what. WE are still young!

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