Sunday, February 19, 2012

Everything is Meaningless.

What does it mean to live? Is it simply the emotion that comes forth from doing what you love? Is it when you wake up each morning and open your eyes like the very first time? Is it standing in the rain and feeling them on your skin? Is it feeling the sun beat down on your face and closing your eyes and soaking it in? I don’t think anything can really explain, but yet I think that explains it all the same. Everything under this sun has absolutely no meaning and it is overwhelmingly useless. I think living means not having the words to express how you feel. I think when you truly look past what everyone sees as life, then you start to see what living really is. That’s it though. We’re not just simply living, but we should be living FOR something. There are endless people in this world that are living for the wrong things, but when you start living for Christ…that’s when you’re living, because you don’t have the words to describe how it feels. You can literally feel life in you when you make that decision to let Jesus into your life. As much as we say we can say how it feels, there are no words that gives justice to the joy that He brings. Start living for the God that saved us all, and I can guarantee that you will experience life for the very first time.

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