Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes I wish I didn’t love you.

Or perhaps even have ever met you.

I pray to God of the highest that I could just forget you 

Maybe He will have mercy and bless me with the gift of numbness so I won’t feel my own heart beating.

Because when I think of you I feel my heart squeeze…
and I wish darkness would overcome me so I could just slip off to a dreamless sleep….

And be able to breathe without the burden of knowing you are breathing the same air as me…

 And the feeling of hopelessly being in love won’t bother me because… 

Sleep is the only place where thoughts of you won’t invade me,
because dreamless nights are nothing.

There is no love, no light.
Just a black void where, 

Nothing exists except the rising and falling of my chest as I inhale and exhale deeply. 

Love doesn’t exist— it isn’t even a faint thought in a dreamless sleep

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