Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm alone in the dark
waiting for a star to ask
How I wish I could take back
All the things I lack
I'm dreaming of sunshine in heaven
Hoping that all my faults be forgiven
But I have to pause dreaming
Cause I have to stop from leaving
Our promise is to stay forever
Hand in hand we'll be together
Whatever happens you'll be there
Every time, everyday, anywhere.
Without knowing you leave me with spare
I can't help but cry cause it's unfair
My heartache led me in vain
Deep inside my heart I endured the pain
And one day I finally discovered
There's somebody else to whom you offered
Your love and attention is truly centered
Your heart and soul to whom you rendered
And now I have these regrets,
I want you to come back
But there is no way else
Just to stand-alone for your happiness
I hope that someday you'll come back
And give you heart again
To utter till death do us part
And you'll never break my heart
For I always love you
Let me whisper before you go
My love, goodbye for now
'Till we meet again,
someday, somehow.


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