Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who am I?

            I am unlucky with family, unlucky with relationships, unlucky with friendships too? Where are they? Do they think of me? I hope it's yes because I really do miss them my friends who makes me happy. But why they need to disappear in my life? Am I selfish? Sorry for being self-interested they know that they are the only people who gives me strength when I was weak. It so sad and tearful because little by little they are fading away. No one will talk to me when I'm in trouble and no one will give me advice when I have problems. It's hard to be alone. They are welcome in my life but if they don't want me to be their friend, it's hurts but I need to accept it. I don't know the reason why they gone little by little perhaps the problem is in me. I'm sorry for that it's hard that the only one who helps you is yourself. If they are happy now to their new friends well, glad to hear and I'm happy for them and it's pity think that they're forgetting me already. Thanks for all the good times and thanks for giving me a chance to be their friend. It is difficult to face and accept the truth I am now ALONE........

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