Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Vow

I always thought that we would last
But how can it possibly be?
You say you love me now
But feel them not again and again
I always read about these things
That there's love forever true
But how can I believe in it
In what's happening to me and you.

But test your mind, for I am sure
That my love will see you no end
Cause I still feel the way I do
Since the first time I held your hand.
In everything we say and do
My love could see no wrong
We did it all because of love
And not because we set among.

And every time you are away
My love won't feel the cold
'Cause I'll make sure it's warmth will stay
We'll sing both new and old.
Even if they'll say that we should be apart
My love won't hear a word
I'll stay with you no matter what 
Even if they'll hurt me with guns and sword.
The sun may rise and set again
But my love will never change
Though time may whip its scars on us
And turn our hair into gray
You may be wrong, they maybe right.

Habang sinusulat ko ito pinapakinggan ko ito it reminds me of you 


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