Friday, June 17, 2011

What I LOVE: Accesories

When it comes to describing my relationship with accessories, I don’t think that love is a strong enough or entirely appropriate word. The truth is that I’m a lot closer to being kind of obsessed.
Okay, really really obsessed.
It doesn’t matter where they come from or if they’re branded or not; if they’re made of precious stones or plastic and resin. I’ve lost equal amounts of hours poring through racks of accessories at Forever 21 as I have baking in the sun trying to find cool stuff at flea markets or looking through pictures of jewelry online. There’s just something so special about accessories that I love, and I like how quickly (and inexpensively) it changes your look by simply putting on a necklace or a ring.

My favorite things to collect are those that are unique, a little bit weird, and have a story behind them, like this vintage Korean pin that I found this weekend.

It’s always fun to be a little bit crazy or obsessed over something :)
What do you guys obsess over?

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  1. Right now Cute Pics from We Heart It !!!! =-) They are simply Gorgeous and Lovely !!!!!!!!!