Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It’s better to be loved and lost than never to have loved at all

Friendship is one of the relationships that does not have compulsion and is a voluntary relationship, which makes it a long lasting one. There are a number of people whom we meet everyday and some of them become cherished friends for a lifetime. On one hand where you can be friends with anyone, on the other you should be careful enough in selecting your friends. Finding good friends is not difficult, but honoring the bond that you share with them can be the difficult part.Your friends know the real person who you are and love you for being the same. You can share any kind of jokes, emotions and secrets with your friends. Finding that true friend in whom you can confide everything in him or her. Having a good friend is a true blessing and very few people are blessed with true friendship. It is important to understand that friendship is a two-way relationship, where you need to put in the same efforts and trust that your friend has in youSo choose your friends with care, as friendship is a lifelong bond that never breaks. True friendship is measured with the comfort of silence that two people share. True friendship is a person that will stand up to you when you are wrong. Will fight with you when you won’t listen to reason. Will applaud you for your achievements. Will risk life and limb to help you. A true friendship accepts you as you are. Accepts you for your flaws and failures and never judges the person, only the behavior.


  1. Your also new here? Wow, you have a nice subject for today's blog. Thanks Kat for following me, I did too!

  2. yup im new plang sis hehehehe you're always welcome sis :)